• Above All, Kevin Verpaele Is Committed to Family and Community

  • Posted on February 21, 2019
  • Family and community are still of the utmost importance to Kevin Verpaele. For his community, his business, Critter Ridders Pest Control in Brevard County, offers a wide range of very affordable pest prevention and remediation services that are tailored to residential and commercial properties throughout the county. His oldest daughter is a Deans List sophomore at the University of Alabama. It is probably that daughter that most exemplifies his commitment to family, although he has another daughter who plays high school and club soccer and a son who plays lacrosse for his middle school team. In all, his six kids make him very proud.

    Kevin Verpaele

    Back when Kevin Verpaele was playing football for the University of South Florida on scholarship, he was ready, willing and able to leave football practice, in uniform, to pick up his oldest daughter from day care before it closed. That’s the one who is now working hard at Alabama. He attended the University of South Florida on a football scholarship, but he was also married and raising a child with his wife at the same time. That clearly expresses his clear sense that family is extremely important, in balance with everything else in life.

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